Centre Achieves LTA Youth Venue Accreditation

The South Devon Tennis Centre is proud to announce that it now has LTA Youth Venue Accreditation status.  This marks a significant milestone in the LTA’s commitment to promoting tennis among young players in Devon.

Paul Butcher Head of Tennis and Sport in Ivybridge, at the South Devon Tennis Centre said: “We are delighted to have received this accredited status.  We are one of the first few centres in the Country, who have this recognition. It basically means we are leading the way in terms of providing good quality coaching and an inspiring tennis journey for young people.”

LTA Youth represents a groundbreaking initiative designed to make tennis accessible and enjoyable for children of all ages, genders, abilities, disabilities, and backgrounds. It stands as the first-ever national curriculum for tennis, drawing upon leading expertise and insights from both athlete development principles and feedback from parents and players alike.

Paul Added: “Over the last couple of years, we have been thrilled to embrace the LTA Youth curriculum, and receiving recognition as an LTA Youth Recognised Venue is a testament to our dedication.

“Our coaching staff has fully integrated the LTA Youth principles, ensuring that each session we deliver if fun with everyone active on court, that the children are introduced to decision making, that the lessons are appropriate for each age the child is at and that it looks and feels like proper tennis.

In order to do this we are utilizing the LTA provided training videos to enrich our sessions and deliver an unparalleled on-court experience for our players. The response from both players and parents has been overwhelmingly positive.  This approach is so importance for the overall development of each child, as a young person and as a tennis player.”

Julie Jones, LTA Regional Workforce Development Partner, expressed her delight at the centre’s achievement: “I am delighted that the centre’s tennis team has been bestowed with this prestigious award. Witnessing numerous junior players benefiting from this innovative approach week after week has been truly inspiring. The implementation of LTA Youth principles has not only enhanced the quality of the sessions but has also fostered a more enjoyable and enriching experience for our young athletes as they progress in their tennis journey.”

South Devon Tennis Centre is committed to collaborating closely with the LTA to maximize opportunities and extend our reach within the local community. Through our ongoing efforts, we aim to provide even more avenues for individuals and families to engage with tennis and its myriad benefits.

To learn more about our team, programs, or how you and your family can become involved, please visit Join us in igniting a passion for tennis and nurturing the next generation of players at South Devon Tennis Centre.


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LTA Youth Start Monday 4-8 Year Olds 4 PM

LTA Youth Start Wednesday 4-8 Year Olds 4PM

LTA Youth Start Home Ed Thursday 4-8 Year Olds 12:30 PM

LTA Youth Start Home Ed Thursday 8-11 Year old 13:30 PM

LTA Youth Girls Friday 4-8 Year Olds 4 PM

LTA Youth Girls Friday 9-13 Year Olds 5PM

LTA Youth Start Saturday 4-8 Year Olds 10:30 AM