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Coaching for Adults, Juniors & players with a physical, sensory or learning disability

You're never too young or old to learn new tricks!





We run an all-year-round comprehensive group coaching programme for both Adults and Juniors of all ages and ability levels. Our coaching team are skilled at improving all aspects of the game from basic technique through patterns of play to advanced tactics for both singles and doubles play.


If you'd prefer some one-to-one time, then a member of our coaching team will be pleased to arrange this with you. All our coaching team are LTA qualified, licenced, DBS checked and have a real passion for teaching tennis.


ALL Equipment Provided – Advance Booking is required
Contact the coaching office between the hours of 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday
Email:  |  Coaching Office: (01752 426322)



Tennis Racquet Guide for Adult Players

What type of tennis racquet is best for older tennis players?
Not all racquets suit the senior game, and that heavy stick you have been using since your twenties might be negatively impacting your game...
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Tennis Racquet Guide for Juniors

A guide for parents on choosing a tennis racquet for their child
It is vital that a young player uses a tennis racquet of the right size relative to his or her height. Looking for a kids tennis racquet but unsure on what size or type of racquet to get them?
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